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About us

We're a bunch of language learning enthusiasts who have used just about every app available out there. And we're huge fans of using memory tricks to learn new words. So, you can imagine how bummed we were when that app (you know which one πŸ˜‰) ditched mnemonics feature.

But hey, we thought why not create a cool new way to bring mnemonics back? And that's how we got the idea of Memocity - platform, where language learning not just more effective, but a whole lot more fun too!

Our team

We're more fluent in code than in posing, but these are the best mugshots we could muster! 😊

Dmitry Shostak

Dmitry Shostak

Product vision and development

Maksim Popov

Maksim Popov

Brains behind our AI models

Let's work together!

We're eager to collaborate, partner, and consider investments. If you're interested, reach out to us using the button below.

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